Who Are Amy and TTT?

I'm Amy. I like blogging. I also like geocaching. Why not a blog about geocaching? It isn't the first and it won't be the last. I got into this little hobby a bit late, but I intend to make up for lost time as best I can. I enjoy other geeky things such as computers; comic books; fantasy, sci-fi and horror novels and movies; and roleplaying games, namely Dungeons and Dragons. I also tend to be rather girly, and into shoes; clothes; makeup; the whole nine yards. I have a phoenix tattoo on my left shoulder, which is a very important symbol to me. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I moved to Michigan in 2007, and then moved to Tuscon, Arizona in 2010. I am engaged to a woman (What? Gasp!) named Nikki, and I'm a second mom to her three daughters. I love walking and seeing new places, and geocaching is a great outlet for both interests.

This is Nikki. We met in late 2006, and haven't looked back since. She works as a teacher's aide in a special needs classroom, but has her sights on teaching her own special needs class very soon. She was born in Michigan, and married and moved to Long Island, New York, in 1999. The marriage turned out to be a very abusive one, so she eventually packed her bags and moved (with all three kids) to Michigan. I came with her. For various reasons, Michigan was not a very good place for us, so we moved to Arizona in 2010. Life can still be rough over here in Tucson, but we've made many great friends since we've been here. And you just can't beat the weather. Nikki is the love of my life. We complete each other's sentences, and always seem to know how the other is feeling. I've never loved anyone anywhere near this much in my whole life.

This is Sarah. She's our oldest child, born in 1999. She's a very gifted artist and writer. She also likes acting, and has taken several acting classes. She had a hard time moving away from family to live in Michigan, but she seems to have adapted to Arizona very well. Rambunctious and sometimes cantankerous, she loves geocaching with her moms, and she is always the first to want to try to climb some obstacle or dive into some brush to find the cache. She is the keeper of the Swag Log. She writes down what we take from the cache, and what we put in it. I use this info to record my finds on Geocaching.com. She's a great helper.

This is Savannah. She's our middle daughter, born in 2001. She's also very good at drawing, and does very well in math. She can be easy-going, but sometimes hyper. She has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), so if she goes without her pills for too long while on a cache hunt (or anywhere else for that matter), she might start talking VERY LOUD or she might run all over the place while giggling. This is okay as long as she doesn't run into traffic. It distracts the muggles long enough for us to make the find. Ha ha! Seriously though, she is a great kid, and very enthusiastic about geocaching.

This is Skylar. She's our youngest, born only in 2006. When I met her, she was only six months old. Now she's a whirling dynamo of energy... unless she hasn't had her nap, in which case, she just sits down on the ground. At her age, she's very into the trinkets that we may find while geocaching. We try to teach her that she only gets one item, and that if she gets an item, she has to put another from our "Bag o' Swag" in it's place. Once we get that down, we'll try to teach her about the thrill of the hunt. Baby steps, baby steps. She does enjoy geocaching, and often asks when our next hunt will be.

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