Monday, February 28, 2011

Pirate's Candy

WARNING: The following blog entry contains spoilers to the caches listed within. If you feel you may be caching in Tucson anytime soon and don't want to ruin your hunt, please proceed with caution.

We got a new GPS receiver! It's the Garmin GPSmap 60CS! It normally runs for $199, but I managed to win it "like new" off an auction on eBay for $142. Here's a couple pics:

This made caching a lot easier! I may post a review of sorts at some point. Anyway, as for caching itself, we hunted down a "candy" can, and then found three treasure chests yesterday afternoon. Here's the skinny:

This was a pretty standard hunt. Fun, as always. It was a container hidden under a tree, under a pile o' sticks. We took a mini barbie figure, a golf ball, a silly band, and a quarter. We left a 20-sided die, a strawberry shortcake figure, a rubber spider, and a ballerina figure.

From left to right: Savannah, Nikki, Skylar, and me with the cache container. Our new GPS is clipped to my shorts!

We walked from Clara's Candy Can to this one, since it was so close. The next three were a series of pirate-themed caches. Here's the text from the cache's page on

Arrr! Mateys here be a story for ye.

Once upon a time Some where on the open sea. There lived 3 Brother Pirate lords. Lord Bly, Lord Drogg, and Lord Slack. Well, one day the 3 lords decided to retire. They chose to split their riches 3 ways. Each crafted a treasure chest and piled their riches inside. The 3 brothers set off in their own direction to hide the loot.

Now what the 3 brothers did not know is that Crazy cousin Willy had the Pirate lords followed. As each of the spy's returned they had the location of the Pirate Lords Loot. These are the coords to Brother Bly's Loot. Please you must move fast so that you may make your mark on the Pirates Booty before Crazy Willy does. And remember there are only 3 rules to the Treasure chest:

Take piece of Eight!

Leave piece of Eight!

Sign Captains log, In blood if ye must.

Take no less leave no more! Or the curse be on ya. Ye be for warned... And just remember, Never trust a Pirate!

I thought this was (is) a pretty interesting story, and idea. We set out for Lord Bly's treasure first, and found it in short order.

This is me retrieving the cache (having no idea this photo was being taken), while Sarah looks on, Savannah holds up a fake coin (from another cache), and a fruit from a Pineapple Cactus, and Skylar apparently tries to do her best Howard Cosell impersonation.

Oh, actually she's about to sneeze. Ha ha ha, too funny! But maybe I should look at the camera...

That's better. Gesundheit, Skylar.

We took a little plastic horse, a fish and a bell. We left a Ratatouille figure, a keychain, and a high bouncing ball. (We were all out of pieces of eight.) We walked to the next "pirate chest" since it was nearby.

This was another easy find. Actually, they all were today, yay! Unfortunately, the chest (and the only one in the series that looked like a chest), was all broken up. See?


We had to hightail it out of there because one of the kids had to go number two. We quickly took a plastic necklace, a monkey figure, and a tiny bowling pin. We left a 20-sider, a high bouncing ball (no, not the same one as the one we took from the previous cache), and a Megatron car. We went home, and since Sarah was the only one who wanted to continue with me, we sought out the last one as a duo.

We would've had to have driven to this one anyway, since it was about a mile from the other two pirate stashes. We stopped for a minute to pose behind this interesting wall. It was only a decorative structure for an apartment complex there, but it looked pretty cool.

"Lemme outta here!!!"

Not sure what distracted me there, but okay...

This came out blurry for some unknown reason. Check out the droopy cactus-type thing behind us. Sarah is holding the cache, which is some sort of water bottle. I'm holding the GPS. I know, you can barely make them out.

We took a rubber alien toy, and left a 20-sider.

Th-th-that's all, folks!

                                                               Caches Found: 36                                                               

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